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What is serverless?

Serverless computing is an important paradigm in cloud computing that has continued to gain popularity over the past decade. The first serverless products aimed to allow developers to run code in the cloud without having to manage and provision servers themselves.

At Hathora, we wanted to remove the need for game developers to deploy, manage, and scale their game servers, while also providing cutting edge hardware and industry standard best practices.

Key benefits for game developers:

  • Scalability: We automatically scale resources to meet the demand, which means game developers don't need to worry about managing servers during traffic spikes.

  • Cost-effectiveness: You only pay for resources actively in use, which results in cost savings with idle compute.

  • Faster time to market: Focus on game development instead of server management, launch your game sooner.

  • Improved reliability: We offer built-in redundancy and zero downtime upgrades, ensuring that your game always remains available to players.

  • Easy integration: We made our platform compatible with any game engine, works great for both new games and existing games looking to scale.