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Creating a Dockerfile for your server

Hathora Cloud utilizes Docker, which is a technology that allows you to package your server project in a portable way so that it can be run in any Linux environment.

In order to deploy on Hathora Cloud, you will need to provide a Dockerfile in the root of your server project.


You will not need to have Docker installed on your machine, the Docker build happens on Hathora build servers.

The core structure of a Dockerfile contains:

  1. Base OS and packages (FROM)
  2. Copy project files into container (COPY)
  3. Configure build steps (RUN) - can skip if you've already copied a Linux executable in step 2
  4. Start command (CMD)
FROM ubuntu

# Copy the server build files into the container, if Dockerfile is @ parent
COPY ./Server-Build-Dir .

RUN chmod +x ./your_unity_server.x86_64

# Add these dependencies to enable your server to make outbound TLS requests
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y ca-certificates

# Run the Linux server in headless mode as a dedicated server
CMD ./your_unity_server.x86_64 -mode server -batchmode -nographics

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