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For full pricing and plan sizes, check out our docs page


  • Begin game testing without any upfront expenses – cost-effective testing, no strings attached
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing ensures your testing costs stay manageable
  • Compute scheduling in 10+ regions
  • Premium edge network for latency reduction
  • CI/CD with remote docker builder and global container registries
  • Logs, metrics, and connection analytics
  • Unlimited team members
  • Denial of Service protection

To optimize compute costs for our customers, Hathora operates as a hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud means that we can provision servers on both bare metal and public cloud. We run base (or committed) capacity on bare metal and for unexpected (or burst) capacity we use public cloud.

Hathora’s operating costs are significantly cheaper on bare metal than on public cloud and we pass on the savings to you! However, it does come at the cost of flexibility. We need approximately 2-3 weeks to order and set up the servers in our data centers. If you know that your game will require a certain amount of base capacity, we encourage you to reach out for commitment based pricing.

Hathora Compute Unit (HCU) is a normalized unit of compute power on Hathora Cloud used for measurement and pricing purposes. The number of HCUs your application consumes is driven by how long a compute resource is utilized and how many matches it can concurrently run (HCU = vCPU*MatchLength/Rooms Per Process). For a full breakdown of the HCU checkout our docs.

Hathora grants customers $500 in credit on sign up (valid for 24 months) to evaluate and develop on our platform. If you’re with an educational institution or non-profit organization, reach out to us for additional benefits.
Hathora allows you to Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC). If you would like us to orchestrate your servers on either public or private cloud, reach out to us!

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