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Pricing & Billing

How it works

Hathora's pricing is designed to be accessible for all our customers, ranging from hobbyists to AAA game studios. Our platform helps you utilize compute resource efficiently in order to minimize wasteful spend. We know that forecasting cloud costs can be daunting, so Hathora provides consistent pricing across regions with no fixed costs.


Hathora employs a purely usage-based pricing model. There are no fixed costs and you only pay for the CPU and network resources you consume.

When selecting a plan, you must evaluate how much CPU and memory is required to run an instance of your game server. Hathora offers the following four plan sizes that you can pick from:

CPUshared core1 core2 cores4 cores
Plan price$0.04$0.08$0.16$0.32
Egress bandwidth/GB$0.12$0.12$0.12$0.12

Hathora runs latest generation AMD x86 CPU processors across all of our regions to deliver consistent performance to your gamers.


Hathora grants customers $500 in credit on sign up (valid for 24 months) to evaluate and develop on our platform.

How to calculate your bill

At the end of each month, Hathora calculates the cost for each application in your account as follows:

totalCost = (totalCpuHours X cpuHourlyCost) + ($0.12 X totalBandwidthGb)

  • totalCpuHours = number of hours a process is active, summed across all processes running in that month
  • totalBandwidthGb = total outbound bandwidth, summed across all processes running in that month
  • cpuHourlyCost = the hourly CPU cost based on selected plan size

Example Scenario

Consider the following game:

matches per month100K
match length0.25hrs
bandwidth per match0.01GB

Assuming this game runs on a Small plan ($0.08/hr active) and can run 5 roomsPerProcess, you can expect the following average costs for a match:

  • cpu = (($0.08/hr X 0.25hrs) / 5roomsPerProcess) = $0.004/match
  • bandwidth = (0.01GB X $0.12/GB) = $0.0012/match
  • total = $0.0025/match + $0.0012/match = $0.0052/match

Given 100K matches per month, your bill would be $520/month.


Hathora has the following default limits. If you require higher limits for any of the following features, please reach out to

Container registry size per region10GB of most recent containers
Docker build minutes200mins/month
Logs20GB of history
Metrics72hrs of history

Billing Details

Every month we calculate your bill based on the aforementioned calculations. We will first deduct your bill from your remaining credit. Once your credit is fully exhausted, Hathora will send an invoice at the end of the month to the account holders email. You will have 30 days to complete the payment to retain services.


Community and Discord support are available by default to all of our customers. To inquire about dedicated support plans, please reach out to us at