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Unity Server Hosting

Hathora Cloud lets you host and scale your headless Unity servers globally. Upload a dedicated Linux server build and instantly have access to 12+ regions around the world.

In order to deploy on Hathora Cloud, you'll need to have multiplayer working locally using a Unity networking solution. Hathora Cloud integrates seamlessly with Unity's popular networking solutions:

Get started

We recommend using our Unity plugin to integrate your game with Hathora Cloud. For existing games, check out our Integration guide. To learn the basics with our demos, check out our Beginner's tutorial.

Steps to integrate and deploy your multiplayer game on Hathora Cloud
Starting to build a multiplayer game with Unity? This guide will help you get started.

Sample Games

Our sample games are integrated with popular networking solutions. These games are a great way to jumpstart your next game or guide you through a real-world integration.

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